How to change the register of your property?

If you own land or property it is important to know how to change any information from the register of your property. Your circumstances can change at any time, there could be a sudden change, for example, if you separate from your partner or there is sudden death and you need to remove someone from the property’s deeds.

The Application to Change the Register notifies the HM Land Registry of changes to your property's legal title. This can be done through a form by contacting us.

This form will also be used where a part of the property is changing hands; for example, selling part of your driveway or garden to a neighbour.

There are other forms and evidence that must also be submitted to us so we can assist your application correctly.


For partial changes in ownership

Where the property was owned by two owners as joint tenants and one dies, the surviving joint owner becomes the sole legal owner of the property. In order to remove the name of the deceased, the Deceased Joint Proprietor form must be completed and filled out along with a copy of the death certificate. There is no requirement to show the Grant of Representation to the Land Registry, which means updating the title deed can be done soon after death.

If there is a mortgage outstanding on the property, then the permission of the mortgage lender will usually be necessary to be obtained in order to remove the name of one of the owners. The mortgage provider will usually assess the financial ability of the remaining owner to make repayments under a new mortgage deed.


Name change

Name changes happen most frequently in marriage and divorce, but of course, they can also be made by deed poll or statutory declaration. To do so, you will need to complete a form that we will send you, and return that back to us with evidence of your change of name (for example, the deed poll document, your marriage certificate or your decree absolute).


If you need any other information, please feel free to contact us at 03338801108


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