How do I find out who owns a property in the UK?

At Online Land Registry, you can find out who owns a property in the UK, to do so, you can place an order for a title register.

Online Land Registry can provide you with a record of land registry search or property ownership, a land title guaranteed by the government and a title plan guarantee.

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Why do you need to know who owns a property?

There are plenty of reasons a person may need or want to find out who the current owner of a property is. These reasons range from the commonplace to the utterly obscure.

To help you figure out if this information could be helpful, we have listed just a few examples of what motivates people to seek out a property owner.


  • The most common motivators for people seeking this type of information are people whose jobs require it. Positions such as surveyors, property developers, investors and even estate agents will utilise this in their day-to-day tasks and applying for information from Online Land Registry is part of their research duties. 
  • Outside job-motivated searches, civilians are another grouping of people that commonly access this type of property information. Whether it’s out of simple curiosity or as part of pre-property purchasing research, civilians are free to access this information whenever they wish about their own property or any other.
  • For those people who are spending a little additional time and effort researching a property they’re considering purchasing, whether on the open property market or in an auction, knowing who owns the property can be useful. Moreover, accessing a Title Register document (which we’ll explore more in the following section) can also provide useful information such as a record of historical sale prices. This can reveal how the prices have changed over time and even suggest something is wrong with the property if it has had many owners within a short period of time. In most cases, you’ll only need your own common sense and not an in-depth understanding of the property market to interpret the information in a land registry report, meaning you won’t need to seek additional, or expensive, professional guidance.
  • Occasionally, people will search for this information to find official proof of ownership for a property or piece of land. A person may need this information for a number of reasons, the most common being evidence in court.


How to find out who owns a property or piece of land in UK?

Online Land Registry offers a few different services at varying price points, all of which offer useful information.

These services start with the Title plan document, but if you are looking specifically for the owner of a property or piece of Land you will need to purchase a Title Register document.

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