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Getting Started

Our Map Search service has been developed to provide customers with the facility to obtain official copies of Title Registers and Title Plans for properties and land without a postal address (such as barns, alleyways, tracks, building plots, fields and so on) and where the Title Number is not known.

Simply complete our online form below and we will take care of the rest. Once you have completed your application, your details will be processed immediately.

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Please ensure your email address is accurate as we can not progress your application without it.
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Start Search

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Map Search

Drag the marker over the approximate location and then zoom in. Carefully position the marker over the subject property or land. The latitude and longitude coordinates will automatically populate the relevant fields below - the coordinates will enable us to accurately identify the property or land. When you are happy with the marker position, complete the remaining fields and click on the Next button at the bottom of the form. Please note that you can change the view from Map to Satellite at any point during your search.

You can search for any property deeds - you do not need to own the property.

Drag the marker (Red pin) and place it over the property or land after making an initial search. You can use the Yellow Man symbol to view the area in street view.

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Application Type

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Our conveyancing deeds search will provide you with a copy of all the conveyancing/transfer deeds that are available for a particular property..

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A flood risk indicator report shows the probability of flood for the registered individual property, produced with data supplied by Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales.

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By selecting this option we will send you SMS updates at each stage of the application process. We will also contact you via SMS if we require any further information to process your application.

Documents Included

Title Register

Title Plan

Deed Plans

Flood Risk Indicator Report

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